If your a hamster wanting to get pregnant

According to the CNET Science Blog Hamsters exposed to cigarette smoke are far less likely to conceive. So why don’t the packets have something warning hamsters about this?

Strangely i find myself picturing a hamster trying to light a smoke and then scurrying back to the other end to puff on it although on reflection hamsters appear to me more likey to be smoking a joint.

The entry does go on to point out that the research was not into rodent smoking habits but rather has implications for humans so ladies if your trying to get pregnant then stay away from any hamsters with a smoke

Update – address of scienceblog corrected.


#1   ChickyBabe on 09.10.05 at 7:51 pm

I’d say this research was conducted by the same people who found that brunettes were smarter than blondes. Now who said research grants were scarce?!

#2   Everybody Knows » on 09.13.05 at 10:55 pm

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