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It was a strange day at work today. I had heaps to get done and was flat out all day doing it which is nothing unusual, I’m always flat out getting stuff done these days. What made it unusual was that I was offered a temporary role this morning doing a higher role which is similar to the one i did for most of last year and tts one that I enjoy doing although it means very little more money and since none of my normal duties are taken off me when i take it on, a whole lot more stress and responsibility. Based on that fact it was why I had no hesitation in turning it down straight away. I explained to my team leader with my present workload its too stressful and the money isn’t an incentive to get it done.

Its strange watching people and sometimes it can be an insight into their character when you turn down more money or a higher job. They just don’t understand and that was the reaction i got from my team leader and its sad to think that they think people will just jump at the opportunity to do it with only a tiny bit more offered. I’ve learnt that money is nice, I like money but that money isn’t everything and its more important to try and keep yourself on an even keel without getting overloaded.

So all was well from that time this morning until the manager got back into the office around 5pm and i was shortly after called in. He didn’t tell me I had to do it and unlike my team leader, when i said why he understood but presented me with the option that either i do it or alternatively some of the work won’t get done and the stuff that did need to get done I would have to train someone to do it and check their work. From experience its quicker to just do it rather than training someone else to do it yet alone checking it as well and it was at this point that i had to capitulate and accept the position. I got some trade offs like being able to carry over time in lieu over the limits we normally have and approval to work what ever overtime I need to get it done and as my manager said “I don’t care what you put on the overtime form, it will get paid”.

So the upshot of it is that i guess they feel they have won, persuading me to do the job and despite the fact i stuck to my guns as long as i could, I still feel like i lost and since i guess i need to go in on sunday now, its just going to feel worse in the near future.


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