One more day

Just the one more day left for the working week. Lately the weeks just seem to be getting longer or maybe the amount of work just seems to be growing. I’ve got one day to get what seems to be a mountain of work.

I finished the Intermediate Excel course today and start the Advanced course next week. Unfortuately this week was no better than last, when the teacher was explaining the first part of a problem, i was finishing them, when he was saying how the bars on a bar chart can be images, i’d changed each bar to a different image and inserted a sound file. That basically sums up the course for me. And they didn’t even give a certificate or anything. Ripped off.

Other than that, it was one of those glorious spring days with beautiful clear blue sky and real warmth in the air. Its just a shame that i was inside all day. Its more of a shame still that the for the weekend there is a forcast and truely crappy weather to make me truely … unhappy.

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#1   Tulip on 09.08.05 at 10:51 pm

Interesting blog…by the way…i don’t agree kicking the dog…..

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