Battle of the TV

There is too much on tv on want to watch. Not so long ago i could never have said that since other than CSI and the various flavours of Law & Order but now i find myself in the dilema of what to watch, what to record and what to miss. Tonight there is stuff on three different channels (I only have 5 at the best of times anyway) that i would like to watch

7.30pm SBS Cricket
Win Getaway (recording)

8.30pm SBS Cricket (missed)
SC Lost
Ten SVU (recording)

9.30pm SBS Cricket (missed)
SC Alias
Ten Trial by Jury (recording)

Its a battle to be sure!

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#1   Richard Smith on 08.25.05 at 9:49 pm

Option 2 for TV viewing, is, a book, seriously, the actual paper in your hands rants of a person who sad down and typed out a story, and had it physically printed onto paper, it is getting more and more unusual in this world!!

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