The Dilemma of the office sweep

Tomorrow the fourth Ashes Test match starts over in England with 2 games left that will decide who wins the Ashes.

Our newly revived Social club has woken up to the opportunity that something can be done to provide a bit of an office competition together with a chance to make a little money from the match and came up with the idea of a sweep. Reading the email that came out detailing the rules and how it works was a confusing experience and I was left thinking “huh” and totally confused not even knowing how much money I had to put in for the chance to participate. Its reassuring to know that person writes high level departmental polices and ministerial briefs and the like.

In the end I decided to just go to the person selling the tickets for the sweep and ask how much I had to put in and was rewarded with a ticket for the sweep as to who is going to win the man of the match and who is going to take the most wickets with my draws being:

Man of the Match: Andrew Strauss (England)
Wickets: Ashley Giles (England)

Both are reasonably good draws but I find myself in an uncomfortable dilemaa of epic proportions. In order to win I have to hope England defeats Australia and the whole idea of anything like that doesn’t sit well with me being a proud Aussie supporter and when it comes to cricket, England hater.

I think I will just not think about cricket, it’s the kindest thing really.


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