Payroll sucks

Sometimes i really hate working in payroll jobs. The payroll cut off is at midday and with the clients i look after sending through stuff for the pay almost up until the cutoff. I tell them otherwise but it just doesn’t get through no matter how often or how much I stress the necessity of it

I’m still suffering considerably from this virus of last week and if not for the payroll cutoff today then i think it would have been another sick day for me. As it was i was planning on only going to work until midday but in the end i got caught up with something for the afternoon and did not only the full day but also an extra bit of time as well. Thanks to the virus sunday could be charitably described as a complete loss, since i only spent 5 hours out of bed all day. Grissom was pleased but just doesn’t understand that being on the bed while i am trying to sleep isn’t the time for play and games.

I’ve also fallen behind on my reading of blogs and journals but its going to be a while until i catch up, within the next 20 minutes i am off to bed again for more sleep.

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#1   ChickyBabe on 08.15.05 at 9:41 pm

Get well Drakk. Blogs can wait. Payroll can’t! :)

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