Dog Days

Thanks out to the well wishers wishing me well, I’m feeling a little better today and went to work for the day. Just as well really since no one had touched any of my work which would potentially mean lots of people not getting paid. Its not that my workmates are not team orientated but rather thanks to our fairly tight staffing combined with winter sickness and this weeks extreme weather leaving some people snowed in & unable to get to work. I have to go in to work for a few hours tomorrow too but have no fear for i bought myself a heater for under my desk.

I watched most of the first episode of the new series Alias last night before falling sleep. Its probably the first time in over a series i have watched any of Alias since i found in the past it got a bit nosensical with Sydney going on mum and dad missions after strange artifacts. Hopefully this series will stay a bit more grounded and less silly.

Not much other news of interest. Grissom is being a bit strange today, very clingy and wanting constant attention. My best guess is that he is feeling a little under the weather too although his bright eyed and his nose is its usual cold, wet and slimey self.

Oh and lets not mention the cricket …

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#1   ChickyBabe on 08.12.05 at 11:08 pm

Nothing like working on a Friday to make you feel better. Enjoy the weekend, if it’s not snowing!

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