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New Orleans

I’m quite sure just about the whole world is aware of Hurricane Katrina and its effect on New Orleans, the utter devistation and the resulting pain and suffering it has inflicted on the residents of the once fine city. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much of New Orleans other than that they have Mardi Gra and … well really thats it.

Since the tragedy I’ve been a regular reader of Interdictor Blog watching both the live webcam and also looking at some of the pictures around New Orleans when they have gone outside. The author works for Directnic, a web hosting and domain name hosting company whose offices are located on the tenth floor of an office block in New Orleans and throughout the Hurricane and after they have continued blogging and taking pictures.

I’ve spent a lot of time tonight looking at some of the pictures. Some of the city appears to still be intact and has many grand looking buildings but now the biggest threat to the city seems to be coming from fires rather than anything else. Its all very sad really.

Two interesting links

There has been a lot of publicity in the news lately about the computer game Grand Theft Auto having a hidden game within the game. Having just watched the scene I say whats the big deal. Its not anything worse than you see on tv or a movie any day of the week.

And more interesting still in a nerdish kind of way, what the december 26 earthquake sounded like. Keeping in mind the microphone is 1700 miles from the earthquake!

London Bombing

I watched the chilling television coverage of the bomb attacks in London into the night last night, flicking from channel to channel in the hope of something new. Instead it was largely the same thing from channel to channel and the coverage instead kept recycling the same footage over and over. I am not sure how many times but it was at least 20 or 30 times that i saw 3 doctors get out of a car in orange suits and another scene of a policeman running up a street as 2 yellow ambulances go by the other way, it was probably another 20 or 30 times.

It brings me to another point about television, the networks don’t need to show me bloodied and shaken survivors over and over again, i get the idea. Explosives do that to people and its not pretty. I also don’t need the footage of the camera placed to perfectly see inside the back of ambulances when they pull up to the emergency room entrance of a hospital. The one they kept showing me was the same one, of a walking wounded person assisted off an ambulance as another victim on a stretcher is taken off the ambulance, an ambulance officer appearing to be performing cardiac compressions, especially 20 or 30 times.

Listening to the questions at the times there was media conferences, the questions were always dominated by one thing, how many dead?. Not dead and injured, or how many survive, just how many dead like some sick score card being kept by the media. I almost fell over in shock when one reporter asked the CEO of a hospital was there anything people could do to help like donating blood? It was so … human and out of place in the deaths focused media.

I heard a report earlier that said the toll was 700 injured and 57 people believed dead and breathed a bitter sweet sigh of relief, i was expecting it to be much worse and i know it doesn’t help the victims, their friends and families i know but never the less i was relieved to hear the report.

Explosions in London

The BBC tv coverage is now reporting that al-Qaida in a 200 word statement on an European website has now claimed responsibility for the attacks. Whether its true or whether they are trying to take credit for this horrid act remains to be seen. It sickens me how these barbaric murders time after time go after soft targets whose only mistake was trying to go to work to earn an honest living.

The worst thing is that fatality numbers are going to increase considerably as emergency services can recover fatalities from tube tunnels.

Thoughts out to those injured and the families & friends of the fatalities.

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