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How to know your driving too fast

My Wife

Not long ago I made a A post entitled “A Confession” which discussed how some workplace stiring had been going on since some people think a workmate and I are involved in some form of relationship although the truth is nothing is further from the truth.

Last thursday the manager was wondering around and then came back to me and asked “Is my wife on days off?”. I was a little confused to say the least, especially since i am sure I would remember something important such as getting married and that sort of thing. So i had no idea who he meant and wondered if he was referring to Suzi since all our friends seem to consider that she and i should get together as a couple. Eventually he told me he meant the work girl and then I could say that no, she was on sick leave.

Friday I told Mrs Drakk about the whole episode and it seems she wants to keep her maiden name. More suprisingly she didn’t run screaming which I attribute more to her still being quite sick than any attraction to being married to me.

Date Lance

Now I’m not sure if this is cruel, caring or jsut downright funny. Probably all three.

A group of coworkers concerned about how one of their workmates is still single got together to create datelance and even went as far as to also advertise on a roadside billboard and filmed him with a secret camera.

I go with funny.

Blogs in Space

Okies a definite entry in my “Wacky World” or perhaps more accurately out of this world, Blog In Space is now accepting sign ups for bloggers wishing to send their blog feeds into outer space.

I kid you not.

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