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If your a hamster wanting to get pregnant

According to the CNET Science Blog Hamsters exposed to cigarette smoke are far less likely to conceive. So why don’t the packets have something warning hamsters about this?

Strangely i find myself picturing a hamster trying to light a smoke and then scurrying back to the other end to puff on it although on reflection hamsters appear to me more likey to be smoking a joint.

The entry does go on to point out that the research was not into rodent smoking habits but rather has implications for humans so ladies if your trying to get pregnant then stay away from any hamsters with a smoke

Update – address of scienceblog corrected.

Two Sacked over Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Just happened on this article discussing how a missing ham & cheese sandwich and the email flamewar that followed from it has seen two legal secretaries sacked and other staff facing disciplinary action.

They certainly take their sandwiches seriously over there in Sydney

The freak rift

If you remember the original ghostbusters the building the chick lived lived in was over the centre of some rift between our world and the next. It leaked into our world and ghostbusters needed to save the world from a giant marshmellow man. All very freaky I know.

The building I work in is i expect over a different kind of rift, one that doesn’t spew undead (and giant marshmellow men) but instead freaky people as a couple of times a week some freak or another wanders into our reception area wanting one thing or another, never something we actually provide but logic and commonsense don’t seem to work on the people.

Today we had a very drunk and smelly visitor in our reception who wandered in wanting who knows what and who wouldn’t go away. He went by the name of “Mick the wild colonial boy” or “Mog” to his friends, had a volumous unkept beard and was incredibly smelly. His mind was gone and eventually he revealed where he lived, a down and out flop house for alcoholics, a call was made to the hostel to see if someone could collect their “charge” only to be told if he was creating a nuisance then call the police and they will collect him and return him to the hostel. So then the police were called and the waiting began while Mog regailed anyone unfortuate enough to be in earshot of his old ref FJ Holden panel van. In the end Mog got bored and wandered out of the building 20 minutes before the police arrived.

It was only later that i was told in addition to his other charming attributes that Mog also drooled. A lot to the extent that when he left the people at our reception counter lunged for the cleaning supplies and threw the clothes out when they finished.

Hopefully tomorrow the rift will be closed

Date Lance

Now I’m not sure if this is cruel, caring or jsut downright funny. Probably all three.

A group of coworkers concerned about how one of their workmates is still single got together to create datelance and even went as far as to also advertise on a roadside billboard and filmed him with a secret camera.

I go with funny.

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