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What google adsense says about you

In a remotely academic kind of way I like to keep track of what my Google Adsense advertisements display, more out of interest than anything else. Lately mine have had the following come up:

Bowling Balls
Stop Barking Dogs
Get your boyfriend back, love spells guaranteed to work

Its strange how the keywords work, there isn’t anything that really relates to my entries as such, sure the dog barks occassionally and i mention it less often and yes i did go bowling once but its not really what my blog is about. And that means visitors aren’t going to normally be interested in the ads which means they aren’t going to click them which means …. I don’t make money.

Not making money bad, I have a dream where one day if i am really lucky one day this blog might support itself to the extent that it pays its hosting fees. Or at least a chunk of it. But until i can successfully appeal to the bowling crowd who want their boyfriend and their barking dog back to blog about, its not going to happen

Google Talk

So the rumors are true and Google has released to beta its latest toy, Google Talk which is a brand new Instant Message and voice communication program. I guess to regular readers its no secret that i am too geek not to download it and now that i have it I’ve only one thing to say,


Yes it appears to be a slick, fully functioned Instant Message and Voice over internet communicator but at the end of the day, its just another IM client. I can’t see myself ever really making use of it until its supported in Trillian which is already an intergrated ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AOL & IRC instant messaging client. I long ago discovered how useless it was to have so many different programs running when i could just have the one.

Damn cursor

Damn the cursor sitting here blinking, blinking all the time blinking and the only way to get it to stop blinking. As any regular reader would by now have noticed, i’m having a low posting time of late. The spirit is willing, the fingers are hovering over the keys but stuff to post about just isn’t coming to mind much of late to write about.

Oh certainly i could appear incredibly geeky daily and post about my games of Battlefield 2 but lets not go there.

And there it is … blinking again. Damn cursor

Put the fork down and step away from the printer

Those were my words precisely today at work, I kid you not.

There is a saying that goes along the lines of “a little bit of knowledge is dangerous”. My experience is that it can be incredibly annoying. In this case it is my basic knowledge of computers both in their use and the hardware side are the source of my torment. We have no on site IT support so I end up doing a lot of the basic stuff from helping people to do something o the computer to physically moving the computers around when people move around the office. Theoretically anyone should be able to move their computers around but in practice it just doesn’t work. The computers have colour coded plugs, keyboard in the purple and green in the mouse port, and lets face it only one kind of plug is going to fit in the network card plug. So why is it i am looked at with marvel when they try to move and i fix why their computer won’t work anymore. Don’t get me started on USB plugs either.

The other thing i inherited was this messy patch panel

All the computer networking and phone lines go through this messy panel for the floor. Originally the cables were colour-coded with red for phone and blue for network but long before i took over grey ones were introduced and then the colours mixed up which is why it looks the way it does now. Naturally having just taken over the mess I’m just waiting until someone tells me that i have to fix it, its inevitable really.

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