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10.31pm: Blog becomes self aware and tries to conquer planet Earth

With a plot that sounds more like an upcoming movie whose name i can’t remember it has all the hallmarks of a big hit. Advanced computer system gains self awareness and tries to wipe out all humans it comes into contact with with mankind only being saved after adrenaline racing high action scenes where our heros overcome the system only in the nick of time.

Thats kind of the story of my blog too in a way, just lacking the action, the hero and the big budget special effects. You see while it didn’t become self aware, it did turn nasty and try to ban everyone it came into contact with, sometimes repeatedly (sorry ChickyBabe). In my attempts to fix the problem i inadvertantly crashed WordPress to the point that it was left displaying countless lines of can’t access blah blah at line blah and it was only a sudden stroke of inspiration using ftp to delete the offending files that allowed me to restore the blog to life, admitedly with the theme back in white instead of the far more interesting blue.

After some research, reading and playing with stuff i have learnt now that my antispam plugin isn’t compatable with all themes and those that aren’t compatable produce unpredictable results like not posting comments and banning visitors for no real reason. Hopefully things are back to normal, or as close to normal as i can get, having only a nodding aquaintance with normality.

Spring Cleaning

Its the first day of spring for us in the Southern Hemisphere and so i thought i would have a little bit of a tidy up of drakk.net to welcome the new season in offically so i’ve done a few things to celebrate:

- New Template. It was time for a new look and this template is a somewhat modified version of Neuron which i changed to suit my purposes.
- New WordPress version. A new version of the WordPress script (the program that runs this blog) has been kicking around for a while and so today i decided to update, drakk.net is now running version after a painless upgrade
- Since spammers update their spambots, I upgraded my anti-spam script, Spam Karma to 2.0 Final

So welcome spring and welcome to the new same old drakk.net

Completely pointless comment of the year

My continued existance at least in search engines as the meca of all things Sims2 and usually rude continues. Here is a visitor who when faced with the fact that he in the wrong place turns rude. My feelings are so hurt now.

E-mail : dd2cool@
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
That’s great. This page is completely pointless. I searched for Sims 2 Downloads and I get this. You suck.

Its indeed a sad thing

Its amazing what a few days absence from the blogosphere will do. Google has just reindexed all their page ranking and drakk.net has risen from PR of 4 to 5 although strangely www.drakk.net remains at PR of 3. But the strangest thing is this, by not posting my advertising revenue went up significantly. No i shall not be retiring or even buying some lollypops but its interesting from an academic kind of way. I guess if i blogged less more often then i could be better off. Odd.

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