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I know where my towel is

Last night i placed a preorder for The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy on dvd. I prefer the original 6 part BBC tv series but i just don’t think my dvd library would be complete without it. Reading the email confirmation tonight i realised i made a mistake. I’ve ordering the dvd certainly but it appears i placed an order for a bonus Hitch Hikers towel.


No two of my towels are the same, one is green being an towel i bought through the army, another is blue because i bought while in the army on an airforece base i needed a towel. A couple of them are beach towels and one is white because white towels were on special that week …

WTF. From dvd preorders to the history of my towels. Its special bonus night


In at least my perception one of the most overly done film genre would have to be the romantic comedy. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have without a doubt made an absolute fortune from playing similar characters in different movies and until I saw Courage under Fire I was doubtful that Meg could even act in any other genres.

Based on the above, it was with some reluctance that I rented Hitch from the local blockbuster but there really wasn’t much of a choice at present of films to grab my interest. It tells the story of Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens (Will Smith), a dating doctor for men and he makes a very comfortable living helping numerous men get the woman of their dreams.

While Hitch is helping a geeky accountant Albert (Kevin James) woo mega rich celebrity Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta), his path crosses that of gossip columnist Sara Melas (Eva Mendes) who is hanging on Allegra’s every move for the latest gossip column. Hitch falls for Sara bigtime and their story parallels that of Albert & Allegra as both couples fall in love ….

Ok so it sounds kind of corny and to be honest but if you decide to watch this movie then your going to have to expect it. Its by no means perfect and at times the story seems a little rushed even having watched a few of the cut scenes but it does prove to be at times funny and enjoyable and was certainly better than I thought it was going to be.

The Island

Last night Suzi and I saw The Island at the cinemas. In a nutshell it tells the story of the world ten years from now where rich individuals can have a clone grown for spare parts. These spares are housed secretly in a huge underground complex where they believe in the lottery where one day if they win they get to go to the last great unspoiled place on earth, “The Island”. When one of the clones, or products as they get referred to starts to question his existance and ultimatley escapes a huge cover up swings into action to hide the truth of whats happening.

We found the movie enjoyable with lots of action packed scenes although I found myself wondering how without the aid of a script the characters would have found themselves where they did, at times it seemed too inplausible. The other thing that we noticed was that it seemed overly violent. Never the less it was an enjoyable couple of hours.

Not releated to the movie itself but I have to ask Village Cinemas whether it is really necessary to have THAT many ads for upcoming movies. It seemed that every new release in the next 6 months had its trailer shown and we got into the cinema 5 minutes late and there was easily another 20 minutes of ads after that. Give us a break and show us the film already!.


There is an old saying that says never upset cat lovers because they are fanatical and hell has no fury like a scorned cat lover. I’ve discovered that viewers of McLeod’s Daughters are a bit the same as cat lovers and if they want to dress up in kinky adult costumes and hang around the neither regions of alpacas apparently in pain and distress, then its better to just let it pass without comment. Its how it is award winning drama.

There is also a New Zealand joke here that I am not going to make.

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