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Grissom and the boiled egg

I’ve always considered Grissom (my dog) part of the family. Like a child sometimes the first experiences of something new to them are the best, most rewarding of them all. Today I gave Grissom a boiled egg, his first and he wasn’t really sure what it was, he came over to me and dropped it at my feet wanting me to throw it for him to fetch like he would a tennis ball. Only when i put it in his dinner dish did he really get the idea.

Tuesday Ramblings

I have the 1812 Overture running through my head at present which is a little odd, normally its just song lyrics from songs i hear but today its the 1812 right at the bit coming up to the finale where the cannons fire and the bells chime and the orchestra is excited and rather noisy. Strange.

Today at work was pretty much a nothing kind of day. Once again my team leader was off sick and like yesterday people tried to duckshove stuff my way. I politely pointed out its not my job and that they don’t pay me to do that stuff. Strangely it was more people from one of the other two teams so I also encouraged them to go see there own leader.

I had a post all written in my mind today and nearly posted it from work. It was lamenting the fact that i never receive personal mail, its all bills and solicitations to increase my debt past my eyeballs and the art of letter writing appears for all intensive purposes to have died somewhere way back. Shame i missed it but i expect i was busy doing something online. And then what happens, i get home and I have a POSTCARD. A personal postcard from Moose who is in Denmark stalking Princess Mary holidaying and visiting relatives. I mean how much more inconsiderate can you get than that. The barstard!. How much more inconsiderate can you get

The Night i accidently speed dated

Friday started innocently enough and there was no sign that anything untowards was going to happen. That night we had our usual first friday night in the month social club drinks and that was all too tame. As usual the beer was a little too warm and the foyer that the drinks were in a little too crowded for the number of people attending. There was the usual debates as to whether the crown lagers were correctly priced at $3 or whether it should be $4. Things were routine.

After that some of us moved on to a local pub for more drinks and it was a temporary stop, a couple of the guys had a 7pm session of speed dating that despite having been everywhere else, was apparantly only just starting to happen here, we’re a long way from Carrie Bradshaw and her Sex in the City friends apparently. They were drinking for courage and i was drinking because … well who needs a reason. Originally we were going to wait for the speed daters to date and return but in the end we decided we would move the block to the pub it was at and have a drink while providing moral support for those guys (and one girl) putting it all on the line in the name of romance.

So we get there and the boys register with the woman running it and we look at the various women wondering who is here for speed dating and who is infact here for the private function thats due to start out the back. Eventually the two groups divided to reveal that there were 9 girls and there were only 5 guys. Oh and that i should be taking my seat now. How did that happen, in particular because I certainly wasn’t dressed for dating with a couple of days stubble, jeans and a tee shirt.

I won’t go into who said what but it was a different experience talking to someone for 6 minutes and is harder than it sounds. It got particularly hard when I got to one chair because 3 of the women were doing the date at the one time with the guy, two of whom had the same name and one of them dominated conversation. From a looks point of view one of the girls there was the best of the lot but saddly one of the others dominated things and i never got to talk to her. Overall out of all the girls i think i did best with the girl that came from our own group, or as we said we talked crap best together. She is however a little weird although that could be a cultural thing, she was English and a little ecentric.

So after the speed dating was over we moved on to a different pub for more drinks. The girl from work got a bit plastered and into an unfortuate conversation with less than completely nice people and while i thought she was doing ok with one of them, she didn’t want me to leave her with them. I eventually got her into a cab to take her home and grabbed the next cab for myself.

So a usual friday went very, unusual.

Just kicking the dog

“If you hit and abuse a dog often enough, its starts to think thats its fault”

It was a line I heard on an old episode of SVU I think and it struck a cord with me, owning a dog that exhibited many of the signs of an abused dog, fear of loud noises, rolled up newspapers, soft drink bottles and most odd still, of hanging light fittings.

If you could hear him now you would think that he was being abused and tortured. His lying on my bed with his new toy, an oversized tennis ball with a rope through the middle making this high pitched whine/scream type sound as he plays with the toy and sounds about the same i am sure as if i was trying to rip off one of his legs and hit him with the soggy bit rather than him having a good time. When I come close he growls at me best he can with a gob of ball making sure that I am going to try to take the toy, its more fun that way and gives him the chance to wrestle.

Who ever made the saying “Its a dog’s life” and “Dog Days” sure got it wrong, for the dog seems to be having a very good day indeed.

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