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170 words for six

Some of the best blogs and journals I read can make everything an entertainingly grand tale regardless of the subject. To my eyes these entries can be some of the best and most enjoyable that you can find. I guess these people are just lucky enough to be natural born storytellers and its something that when ever i can I try to do myself, as entertainment is as much my goal as simply telling my story my way.

I guess in light of the above is why this post feels so … wrong. I can’t think of a funny way of saying it, it doesn’t involve misfortune, humor or any of the best components of any good entry but rather a simple statement.

I’m home sick with a virus.

Of course being a sometimes obsessive writer of my life I couldn’t just say those 6 words and instead you get 170 words telling you the same thing. That is why I hope at least some of my readers come back.

The Longest Song

As i sat listening to Dire Straits LTelegraph Road on my ipod at work yesterday, I thought that weighing in at 14 minutes and 16 seconds it would just have to be my longest single song, beating even the ever epic and longwinded Meatloaf. Naturally I realise both that i would have to know for sure and that I would naturally just have to post. There were some suprising results and i thought i might post the longest 10 i’ve got with album names in brackets.

22:33 Queen (Made in Heaven) – Untitled Hidden Track
18:19 Chocolate Starfish (Chocolate Starfish) – Into the Fire
15:01 Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture
14:16 Dire Straits (Love over Gold) – Telegraph Road
13:43 Dire Straits (Alchemy Live) – Telegraph Road
12:12 Gary Osbourne/Jeff Wayne (War of the Worlds) – Brave New World
12:11 Bon Jovi (Dry County) – Dry County (Live)
12:01 Meat Loaf (Bat out of Hell 2) – I’d do anything for Love (But I won’t do that)
11:59 Dire Straits (Money For Nothing) – Telegraph Road (Live Remix)
11:43 Gary Osbourne/Jeff Wayne (War of the Worlds) – The Spirit of Man

So my findings are that if I am either a dire straits fan or of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds then i am going to be listening to long songs, seemingly the same song too.

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