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Flood Waters

Yesterday I decided to take a drive to Launceston, around 2 hours and 200 km away since over the last week they have had some fairly heavy rain which has in turn caused some flooding and wild water in the Cataract Gorge and the noise was so loud even from a distance. Naturally i took my camera along.

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A friday drive

Unlike the rest of the world, my friday was not work but instead since it was a top day I decided to take a drive instead and took my camera along.

Driving along i was struck repeatedly by scenes with the Derwent River so calm and still (on the surface, the current was actually quite fast) and reflections on the water of the trees and shrubs.

Next I headed to Mt Field National Park where I did the bush walk to Russell Falls and Horseshoe falls. Despite being a beatiful sunny day, the rainforrest was gloomy and icey cold throughout. I took more pictures than are below but most turned out too dark!.

After that i went up 15km of narrow dirt road to get to near the top of Mt Field. In my 4wd it was comfortable even though some of the road was a little bit rough. I’m not sure how comfortable however it would have been for the tourists in their little rental cars in some parts.

Mt Field had originally been my only intended destination today but I figured since i was within 100km of Lake Pedder I might as well go for a drive that way as well. Along the way there is some magnificant scenery such as the three thumbs that again a photo doesn’t do justice to.

I eventually reached Lake Pedder which is a man made lake made on top of a natural lake. In many ways the daming of Lake Pedder in the 1970s generated the spark to start the Australian Conservation Movement that had such strength ten years later when the Government wanted to damn the Franklin River and was eventually successful. Even all these years later my father doesn’t like people calling the new Lake, Pedder as its not the real lake for him.

After Lake Pedder comes Lake Gordon, an altogether ugly lake as evidenced by the ugly shoreline of dead trees. When they filled the lake they didn’t even bother cutting down the trees in the lake area and there are ugly dead trees sticking out all over the place to make the place uglier, all thanks to the dam.

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I hit a whale on the Nullabor Plain

As some regular readers would be aware back in 2003 i moved from melbourne to perth to live and back from perth to hobart to live and having a car naturally i wanted to drive. Nothing like a 7000 km road trip to get you going and see some of the country. Why am i talking about it now? Because i just found and got developed the pictures from two disposable cameras i bought for the journeys.

Unfortuately much of the journey accross Australia is not what you would call interesting with my biggest memory of the journey being the sheer desolation of the Nullabor plain, a vast almost treeless plain that was inhospitable desert. The road just kept going on and on ahead:

nullabor plain australia
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