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New Orleans

I’m quite sure just about the whole world is aware of Hurricane Katrina and its effect on New Orleans, the utter devistation and the resulting pain and suffering it has inflicted on the residents of the once fine city. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much of New Orleans other than that they have Mardi Gra and … well really thats it.

Since the tragedy I’ve been a regular reader of Interdictor Blog watching both the live webcam and also looking at some of the pictures around New Orleans when they have gone outside. The author works for Directnic, a web hosting and domain name hosting company whose offices are located on the tenth floor of an office block in New Orleans and throughout the Hurricane and after they have continued blogging and taking pictures.

I’ve spent a lot of time tonight looking at some of the pictures. Some of the city appears to still be intact and has many grand looking buildings but now the biggest threat to the city seems to be coming from fires rather than anything else. Its all very sad really.

Two Sacked over Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Just happened on this article discussing how a missing ham & cheese sandwich and the email flamewar that followed from it has seen two legal secretaries sacked and other staff facing disciplinary action.

They certainly take their sandwiches seriously over there in Sydney

Mixed Messages

What a long monday it seemed, just seemed to go on and on. It seemed like it too 400 hours to get through the work day and unfortuately the prospect of tomorrow at work seems more of the same. My team leader was off sick today and thanks to the deputy position being vacant, we were technically leaderless and everyone was coming to me with their problems. While in one way its a compliment that people have that faith in me, on the other its also annoying since i am the same level as them and have my own work to do and no authority if i make a decision anyway.

Listening to the news break before there was a rather unfortuate lead from one story to another. At the end of the story on a female high school teacher having sexual relations with 5 male students and then it was straight accross to the main newspaper for someone who started with “exclusive photos of …” and for the briefest moment i thought it was the same story. That it was actually photos of dolphins frolicing at the wharves was lost.

I love the smell of burning noodles in the morning

Driving into the city this morning I noticed a cloud of smoke triggering an initial sense of excitement with the thought “Maybe its my building on fire?” before realising it was many blocks from where I work. It turns out that it was actually the Dragon Palace Restaurant on fire with a cloud of horrible smoke billowing forth. From where I park walking to work I walk within 50 metres of it so I was able to snap the above entitled “Sunrise over burning Noodles”.

Of course as you can imagine the jokes have started fairly early such as:

“I never knew Dim Sims burnt so well”
“I hope they got all the dogs and cats out when the fire started”
“Didn’t they have a small fire before?” met with the reply “Yes but they only had small insurance last time, this time its fully paid up”
“Damn fire brigade parties always getting out of hand”

From what I hear its one of those restaurants you go to when you can’t get in anywhere else with various people saying they went there for last minute New Years or Christmas bookings. Suzi and I are going out to dinner somewhere Friday night but we have left organising to the last minute, guess we aren’t going there!

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