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Flood Waters

Yesterday I decided to take a drive to Launceston, around 2 hours and 200 km away since over the last week they have had some fairly heavy rain which has in turn caused some flooding and wild water in the Cataract Gorge and the noise was so loud even from a distance. Naturally i took my camera along.

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If i was a bulldozer, how would i hide

There is a bulldozer hiding in the trees waiting for some unsuspecting person to come along …

So how do bulldozers hide exactly? Well they hide behind a tree of course!


Snapped this picture from ten floors up in the carpark this morning. The panorama was more impressive but I never the less liked the aspects of the city being dark and just the touch of colour on the fog

Sunrise on the fog of thecity

The Battlefield

Looking accross the battlefield at the enemy …

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