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The Dilemma of the office sweep

Tomorrow the fourth Ashes Test match starts over in England with 2 games left that will decide who wins the Ashes.

Our newly revived Social club has woken up to the opportunity that something can be done to provide a bit of an office competition together with a chance to make a little money from the match and came up with the idea of a sweep. Reading the email that came out detailing the rules and how it works was a confusing experience and I was left thinking “huh” and totally confused not even knowing how much money I had to put in for the chance to participate. Its reassuring to know that person writes high level departmental polices and ministerial briefs and the like.

In the end I decided to just go to the person selling the tickets for the sweep and ask how much I had to put in and was rewarded with a ticket for the sweep as to who is going to win the man of the match and who is going to take the most wickets with my draws being:

Man of the Match: Andrew Strauss (England)
Wickets: Ashley Giles (England)

Both are reasonably good draws but I find myself in an uncomfortable dilemaa of epic proportions. In order to win I have to hope England defeats Australia and the whole idea of anything like that doesn’t sit well with me being a proud Aussie supporter and when it comes to cricket, England hater.

I think I will just not think about cricket, it’s the kindest thing really.

If i turn tv off and back on maybe it will be better?

I just turned the tv on to see the Australia vs England cricket test match. Wish i hadn’t of, Australia is 128/6. That for people in non cricket nations is bad. Very bad. Perhaps if i turn the tv off and back on then things will be better ?

Its all a bit of a false start

There is to me a certain sense of irony for me at this weeks announcement of London being awarded the 2012 olympic games, a multi billion 2 week sporting event. For two whole weeks the world stops to watch sporting competition from the worlds best and without fail, some athlete from a small country without even a swimming pool try and swim 50 metres in the mens heats. People will say “now thats what the olympics is all about.” According to reports people celebrated in the streets of London and drivers tooted their horns, probably more to get past errant people dancing in the streets and I suspect English celebration was as much about beating the French as any sense of pride in the award of sporting events.

Yawn. To tell you the truth I couldn’t care less and it appears the media here is a little bit the same, i never even noticed it had been announced until reading Wegg’s blog where she mentioned it in passing. Now if a Dutch-Australian telling me London was hosting the olympics isn’t multicultural enough, i’m not sure what is.

But anyway in all honesty, my reaction was disinterest. I had more interest seeing another news article telling me activists protesting the running of the bulls stripped down to thong underwear and marched through the streets of where ever it occurs trying to stop people from supporting the event based on animal cruelty concerns. I am not sure what being half naked is going to do but I did get a chuckle when i read somewhere that the activists had planned to go nude but had neglected to organise the necessary permits in time from the city hall and instead had to be content with topless.

But back to the irony of the olympics, multi billion event and all that being announced, the most expensive sporting event on the planet i am sure. The timing just seems a little off, based on the fact that just this week society’s entertainment elite tried to persuade us to reach into our pockets and give generously in the same week that an expensive 7 year spending orgy gets the starters gun.

Personally i’m more interested in the bull activists!

Nothing kind of day

Pretty much a nothing kind of a day here. I’ve been to the shop to buy my lunch but thats just about as exciting as it gets on my walk on the wildside for Sunday 6th February. Other than that i’ve reinstalled software that forgot how to work properly and watched the 2nd VB Series final of the One Day International Cricket to see Australia once again choke while batting and get a score far less than they should of done. The commentators keep saying its the best team in the world but i am beginning to suspect its more because the rest of the world really just isn’t too great at cricket anymore.

One thing i didn’t do today. I didn’t go to work for overtime. I probably should have done but i just couldn’t get motivated to go in. Its not as if i’m not going to be there next weekend anyway so why ruin a weekend

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