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You know your an Australian when …

Reading the news today I realised I had to be an Australian when i read this:

“Prime Minister John Howard has urged employers to show flexibility if their workers are bleary eyed after watching the must-win deciding Ashes cricket Test against England.”

I’m not sure how many other countrys’ leaders would tell bosses its alright if the workers are tired from having stayed up all night watching sport on tv but its something us Australians take pride in.

In casts my mind back to 1983 on the morning Australia won the America’s Cup and the country embarked on a spontaneous celebration with then Prime Minister Bob Hawke when asked about workers celebrating too hard and not going to work remarked “Anybody who sacks someone today is a bum.”

Enough said

My team leader is an english supporter. Overnight here they won a game of something that will not be mentioned here and she happily informed us of the result several times. My only satisfaction was getting to point out they came close to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

But wait … whats this i see, is there a saviour coming our way. Thanks to 1phish2phish I now know that salvation is coming to our rescue

Dirty Word

I’ve decided that cricket is a dirty word. Sure its a 7 letter work but then add ing to your favourite 4 letter swear word and you have 7 letters. Australia’s performance in the current Ashes Test series has been nothing short of shocking and i think i may just have to ignore cricket until such time as Australia can start playing like professional cricketers representing their country.


Battle of the TV

There is too much on tv on want to watch. Not so long ago i could never have said that since other than CSI and the various flavours of Law & Order but now i find myself in the dilema of what to watch, what to record and what to miss. Tonight there is stuff on three different channels (I only have 5 at the best of times anyway) that i would like to watch

7.30pm SBS Cricket
Win Getaway (recording)

8.30pm SBS Cricket (missed)
SC Lost
Ten SVU (recording)

9.30pm SBS Cricket (missed)
SC Alias
Ten Trial by Jury (recording)

Its a battle to be sure!

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