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Strangely although this blog closed in 2005, its still getting a large number of visitors so i thought i would just remind that it is closed and that you can visit any of my current blogs:

Everybody Knows
Never on Wednesday
Hobart Daily
Typical Day
Blog On the Spot
Bitter and Twisted
Whole Universe


Come Visit

As my last post said, this blog is now closed. But fear not, my new blog everybody-knows.com is doing well so my friends, please update your links and come visit soon.

drakk.net Closing

So of late i have been restless in the blogging stakes, blogging too often or not enough and even speculated I might change my blog address. Even in a fit of blogloathing i thought i might ditch blogging altogether although my immediate reaction was to blog about it so i knew then i wasn’t going to give up.

But changes are going to be made. Back when i entered the online journalling/blogging world 5 years drakk was my pseudonym of choice and it was only natural that i would carry that name over for my almost daily postings. But in the 5 years changing interests and pursuits have seen it become increasly irrelevant from who i was.

The other thing is that this blog has been increasingly becoming the target of the misplaced. People looking for sims porn and all sorts of matches, few relevant to the actual content of my blog. The really interesting thing to note is many of these peoples when they don’t find what they are looking for, blame where they have ended up rather than their inability to use a search engine or in some cases hazarding a guess, their ability to relate to normal society.

But despair not, I’m not giving up blogging. No way. My new blog is set up and if you wish to visit me in my new home:


Hope i see you there.

I know where my towel is

Last night i placed a preorder for The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy on dvd. I prefer the original 6 part BBC tv series but i just don’t think my dvd library would be complete without it. Reading the email confirmation tonight i realised i made a mistake. I’ve ordering the dvd certainly but it appears i placed an order for a bonus Hitch Hikers towel.


No two of my towels are the same, one is green being an towel i bought through the army, another is blue because i bought while in the army on an airforece base i needed a towel. A couple of them are beach towels and one is white because white towels were on special that week …

WTF. From dvd preorders to the history of my towels. Its special bonus night

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